20. International Soroptimist Convention Held in Istanbul

Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Congress and Exhibition Center hosts International Soroptimist Federation’s 20. International Convention between July 9-12, 2015. The convention is sponsored by L’Oréal Turkey.

Women of business and profession who constitude Soroptimist International, activate in public and social movements. Istanbul hosts the convention, recently held in Istanbul in 1983, once again after 32 years. The event which theme is “Education for Leadership: New Ideas Impower Women” is followed by 1,500 participants consisted of Soroptimist members and delegates coming from all over the World.

Convention’s programme begins with Sabancı Holding CEO Ms. Güler Sabancı’s and writer Ms. Elif Şafak’s messages devoted to women of the world. Rashida Manjoo, Reporter at UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights will hold the floor with her presentation titled as “Violence Against Women” beside American author Anne K. Ream’s “Voices and Faces Project and Ursula Wynhoven’s, General Counsel at UN Global Compact, “Innovative Strategies Impower Women.”

There is an open exhibit area at Hilton Convention and Exhibition Center where the participant Soroptimists’ projects are introduced and thier products to be sold in aid of women at every age. Everyone who wants to support the projects can visit the exhibit area and contribute global conversion.

Mr. Emre Bahçekapılı, convention’s organizer ZED Event’s Project Coordinator, talked about the organization:

“We are managing here a quite big event where 1,500 participants and 91 speakes from 50 different countries take part. I can say that works got started right after the event became definite in 2011. The meetings we conducted with International Soroptimist Federation every 2-3 weeks have been lasted for 1.5 years. Last 6 months was the fastest period of the process of the event. A team of three people from ZED Event’s Istanbul Office involved personally with the process but received support from Ankara Office consistently. There are 9 project coordinators are set at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Congress and Exhibition Center at the moment.

The main reason we chose Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Congress and Exhibition Center is that the hotel and the congress center is in company. Because our guests’ average of age is high, we had to prefer such hotel in order to confort them during their accomodation and following the convention.”

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