32nd World Veterinary Congress Held At Lütfi Kırdar ICEC

32nd World Veterinary Congress, being organized for the first time in Turkey, was held at Lütfi Kırdar ICEC with Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock’s support and hosted by Turkish Veterinary Medical Association on 13-17 September, 2015.

The target of the congress was that to follow and evaluate developments relating livestock health and welfare, zoonotic deseases, food hygiene, singlular health, antimicrobial resistance and veterinary education in the world with all sharers, and find solutions for the problems of aforesaid areas. Main theme of the congress was identified as “Sustainable Animal, Human Health and Welfare”.

At the first stage, 2000 representatives of national and international institutions, being active in livestock health, raising and public health areas, local and international academicians, professional organizations’ representatives, executives of local and international companies acting in the industry and breeders from 53 countries were invited to the congress; but as a result of adverse events occured in Turkey lately, participation was a bit lower than expected.

Serdar Uzakgören, Project Coordinator at ZED Event Management Company which was organizing the congress says, 32. World Veterinary Congress hosted by Turkish Veterinary Medical Association was taken to be held in Istanbul in 2008. Uzakgören stating they were working on the congress since then, says the speakers of the congress were designated according to those acknowledgement  they procured from equivalent congresses and exhibitions they visited, and consensus of Mr. İrfan Erol, Congress President and General Manager of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Food Control Department, Mr. Ersin İstanbulluoğlu, Advisor to the Minister and Mr. Umut Taşdemir, President of Turkish Veterinary Medical Association.

With many national and international brands’ participation, an exhibition was organized within World Veterinary Congress which was held in 10 parallel rooms at Lütfi Kırdar ICEC, as well. Apart from that, beside two separate summits, an exhibit consists of more than 400 posters prepared by students from related universities, lecturers, prominent veterinary professors was appeared in.

Industry professionals came together at a gala dinner organized at Lütfi Kırdar and a VIP supper of 120-person at Feriye Restaurant besides opening cocktail within the scope of the congress where 600 from abroad and 500 local attenders participated on enterence fee basis.

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