4th Out of Time Design Explorers Conference was Held at The Building Information Center!

Out of Time Design Explorers Conference has been organized since 2013 and the 4th conference was organized at The Building Information Center on March 2nd.

World famous architect-writer and professor Mark Foster Gage gathered with sector professionals at The Building Information Center within the “Out of Time Design Explorers Conference” in the context of “Design Flow”. Mark came to Istanbul as a guest of Geberit and discussed the contribution of modern technology to architecture and his extraordinary projects.

The conference was organized for the fourth time this year and its guest was world famous futuristic architect, who has works in different disciplines, Mark Foster Gage. Gage underlined that Geberit presents the same quality all around the world and he gave a presentation with the “everywhere” motto in parallel with “design flow”. He discussed that the attendee technology lets architecture do better jobs and this will create better structures for public area users in a beautiful and effective way.

During the conference, we spoke with The Building Information Center’s Event Manager Zeynep Gülşen and she said: “Geberit’s key audience is structure sector shareholders, architects and interior designers and this organization is designed for them. As The Building Information Center, we cooperated with them in content, announcement and concept and we became their solution partners and started to organize this event series. Difference of these events are that we are not inviting a classic architect and organize and event. We organize a “Out of Time Design Explorers” event and invite world famous names who review design differently. We wanted to end the night with a wonderful cocktail and with a concert.”

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