6th World Energy Organizing Forum is in Istanbul

6th World Energy Organizing Forum (WFER) is held at İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Balace on May 25th-28th with the hosting of Energy Market Organizing Corporation (EPDK).

The theme of the forum was “Gathering the Energy Organizing World” and there were discussions on energy area and the opening speech was given by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In his speech, he said: “Before my prime minister job I was the mayor of Istanbul for 4.5 years and this city is the place where this forum’s theme finds its true meaning. For hundreds of years this city has been an important spot for trade, politics and culture and now I believe it will give important messages to world right now.”

Corporations which are organizing the energy markets all around the world, politicians, companies in energy market, finance corporations, academicians and consumer representatives came together at the forum and sicussed the effect of new regulations in trade operations and innovative approaches.

Forum will continue with a Gala Dinner at the Çırağan Palace on May 26th.

Lütfi Kırdar’s Anatolian Salloon is used in this grand organization which hosts attendees from all around the world. The forum is held with parallel sessions after the opening at Anatolian Salloon.

ZED Event was the event management company of the forum and their Project Coordinator Serdar Uzakgören said that they organized the World Energy Organizing Forum with the support of Energy Market Organizing Corporation (EPDK) and Culture Ministry and Prime Ministry of Turkey and he commented on the development and preparation process of the organization:

“In 2012, EPDK was in a bid. ZED Event won it. EPDK decided on the content of the forum and we added some details. We organized this forum with the collaboration of EPDK and ZED Event. As ZED Event, we are getting ready for this event for 2 years. Deciding on the forum venue, shaping the forum program and the gala dinner which was held at Çırağan Palace were decided. Sponsorship agreements were done, promotion movie was prepared, a website was set. What makes this organization different than others is that a cell phone application was made for it. For 6 months, all of the agencies all around the world was informed, 2 grand meeting were done according to the forum and at the last month the operational details were set and all the preparations were resulted.”