Acıbadem University to Host ESCMID This Year

European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), a profession organization having more than 30,000 members worldwide, held its 14. Summer School organization at Istanbul Acıbadem University Kerem Aydınlar Campus.

14th ESCMID Summer School is hosted by Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine with Hacettepe University Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinic Microbiology’s Prof. Dr. Murat Akova’s contributions. Mr. Akova who had carried out the General Secretary role was recently selected as the president of ESCMID for 2014-2014 period.

Ms. Ferda Ümit Ar, senior coordinator of Serenas Group which is the organizer of this event, states that one of the main reasons of 14. ESCMID Summer School is being held in Turkey is their success in 10. ESCMID Summer School organization realized by Serenas at Capadocia University in 2010.

Ms. Ar says 72 students from 26 countries including Turkey participate in this year’s act of ESCMID Summer School which they have been prepared for 10 months. “At that date, Mr. Thomas Greif, coordinator of ESCMID, visited Istanbul and examined Acıbadem University on site and decided the school being competent and qualified and then we gave the start,” says Ms. Ar.

We talked with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Aşçıoğlu, faculty member of Hacettepe University Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinic Microbiology, about the ESCMID side of the event. She mentions that the participant students were selected carefully and since the demand were high, they decided to raise the quota to 72 which was designated as 60 earlier. She states 10 successful student will be rewarded with scholarships given by ESCMID. “Acıbadem University, with their technical support, extensive labs and practicle classrooms, meets the expectations far beyond. At the first place, we chose Acıbadem because the dormitories were very close to the classrooms and labs of the universty which means that this would be a great advantage for us in terms of both time and money,” says Ms. Aşçıoğlu. “Serenas Group organized the Summer School in Capadocia University earlier, that’s why we didn’t face any trouble with this one as they were experienced enough and we had the chance to concentrate on the education side only.”

We interviewed with Asst. Prof. Dr. Özgür Kurt, an academic member of Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine Department of Medical Microbiology, as the host side of the event. Mr. Kurt states that they provide applied courses in laboratory environment for students for the first time in ESCMID Summer School history and explains the summer school’s purpose as to provide new conversancy environments and new education platforms and introduce those young researchers who are at the begining of their careers with each other and take the first step for their future collaborations.

“Participant students are trained by 25 lecturers who are experts in their fields within forefront subjects such as resistance against antibiotics, fungal infections and bacterial infections,” he says. “We consider Acıbadem University as successful with this event due to the feedbacks coming from both students and guests lecturers.”

Students and lecturers participated in 14. ESCMID Summer School organization had a half day Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar and a Bosphorus tour on 8th of June, Wednesday and got the privilage to see cultural and visual richness of Istanbul.

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