Behavior Therapy Experts Gathered at Harbiye Military Museum

    Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association 4th National Congress was organized by Birevent Company at Harbiye Military Museum on November 5-8. The theme of the congress was “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Light of Science and Art” and many national and international expert psychiatrists came together at the event. 
    The speakers of the conference were; Prof. Dr Zeliha Berksoy, Uz. Dr. Rahşan Düren, Prof. Dr. Türker Kılıç, Op. Dr. Serdar Eren, Dr. Mehmet Z. Sungur, Dr. Danise Davis, Dr. Daniel David and Dr. Paul Salkovskis. Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association 4th National Congress President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zihni Sungur is a faculty member of Marmara University Medical Faculty Psychiatry Department. Also, he is the previous president of Europe Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy Association and he is now the vice president of American Association.
    Sungur said that, as Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association, they have hosted 6 international and 4 national congresses. He mentioned that the feedback they received from international guests was very positive and this makes them feel proud and happy but also gives them a grand responsibility. Also, the next Europe congress in 2017 will be held in İstanbul again.
    Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association Vice President Doç. Dr. Yusuf Sivrioğlu mentioned that one of the missions their association has is to raise therapists who learn such technique in a standard way and being able to benefit from them by doing that. He also said: “England spends thousands of pounds to raise such people but here people get to those levels with the education they get from us and their own efforts.”
    Congress’s event management company Birevent Company’s Founder Partner and General Manager Şebnem Namlısoy Taş said that they have been serving Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association for years. They have been preparing for this event for 9 months and the reason of organizing this congress in Harbiye Military Museum is because the museum became a traditional venue for such event and it is very central location vise. Taş also mentioned that this congress is more scientific with its study groups and since Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association has a structure which gathers psychiatrists and psychologists, they need to do a very serious research for the scientific program. 4 halls of the museum were used for the congress and there were 400 attendees.
    Congress’s periodical human resources supplier İnka’s founder partner Remzi Gür said that before Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association’s 4th National Congress started they supplied personnel on issues like invitation according to the needs of Birevent Company. After that, he underlined that they tried to create the screen of the congress during the preparation process. During the congress, they supported the event by locating actors into the scene for registration and guidance in the venue.