CPhI Istanbul 2015 Organized a Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Eurasia’s biggest pharmaceutical company CPhI İstanbul 2015 was held at Istanbul Congress Center on June 3-5. First exhibition was held in 2014 and this year the exhibition hosted more than 4000 visitors from 23 countries.

Exhibition and event organization company UBM EMEA Istanbul organized CPhI Istanbul 2015 and the opening speeches were given by TİTCK President Prof. Dr. Özkan Ünal, İEİS Board President Nezih Barut, UBM EMEA Istanbul Turkey Operation Representative President Haluk Balcı.

Technologies on the sector, legal developments, new market trends and products and seminars were within the exhibition. CPhI Consumer Guide service was provided for free and it allowed all consumers and buyers to connect easily with each other.

The exhibition was held for the first time last year and it became the candidate of International Event Organizers Corporation (AEO)’s Perfection Awards within the “Best Exhibition Launch” category and went into the short list of finalists. CPhI Istanbul 2015’s difference was that some of the money which was taken from entry was given to Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation.

UBM EMEA İstanbul Marketing Manager Hande Yılmaz reviewed the event and said “UBM is the second biggest event company of the world and the most important sector it is working in is exhibition. CPhI is the biggest pharma exhibition of the world and has been organized for 35 years. It is one of our babies. At UBM’s exhibitions we do something different than others, we count all of the individual visitors while counting the visitor number. So, no matter how many times a visitor passes by the same door we register them as one visitor. The reason we care a lot about the visitor number is that we would like to give the best information to our attendees during their decision process.

10 people teams both in Istanbul and Amsterdam are working for this exhibition from UBM. We share the responsibilities within ourselves and the international businesses are mostly done in abroad. We usually work with Middle East and Africa. We’ve been working for almost a year for CPhI Istanbul 2015. We can say this for all of our exhibitions. Starting to work a year before is the reason we don’t have a lot of surprises last minute.”

Tria Communication was responsible of public relations operations of the exhibition and their Media Director Elif Sezginer Verün told us her thoughts on the preparation process: “Our meetings with UBM EMEA began in March and we began the preparations right away. We became a part of the process after most of the exhibition’s structure was set. The point we focused in the brief we received was that CPhI Istanbul is the biggest pharma exhibition of Eurasia. This meant that this is an international exhibition which grand pharma producers attend, so we communicated in that area mostly.”