European Public Dental Health Specialists Met At the Historical Peninsula

The 20th EADPH – European Association of Dental Public Health Congress was held in Istanbul between the dates of 17-19 September 2015.

The congress held at the Reji Event Center Istanbul and hosted by Kalyon Hotel, with the participation of 200 delegates from over 20 countries from Europe, the Middle East and Turkic Republics. At the opening ceremony of the congress organised by Kalyon Tourism DMC, the President of EADPH- Mr. George Tsakos said that; The 20th Congress taking place in a very important and beautiful city and in such a unique venue. He also invited the participants to leave and discover the city of Istanbul while they are in Istanbul.

The co-president of the congress which is held for the first time in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Betül Kargül, academic member at Marmara University Dental School Pediatric Dentistry, remarks  dental public health’s importance. Kargül says, “dental public health is a very important subject. With the importance of preventive dentistry being increased in the recent years, importance of dental public health needs to increace accordingly. This congress aims at organizing the general programs to be coordinated with public health and lead them down to public.”

Delegates we had the chance to have a little conversation at European Association of Dental Public Health Congress speak with a single voice; they say they are very excited that Kalyon Hotel’s Reji Event Center is surrounded by historical Istanbul ramparts. They state that they will allocate time to explore Historical Peninsula after congress meetings.

At this point, we turn our microphone to Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu, General Coordinator at Kalyon Tourism Group and Former President of Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau. Fisunoğlu says Kalyon Tourism is a sturcture which incorporates hotel, event venue and agency; so that Kalyon Tourism Group is involved in every stage of this congress.

“We are holding a congress associated with Congress Co-President Prof. Dr. Betül Kargül where experts in dental health related subjects from more than 20 countries from Europe, Middle East and Turkic Republics attended.”

When it comes to Reji Event Center, Mrs. Fisunoğlu tells about the event venue owned by Kalyon Tourism Group: “One of the special side of this congress is that it is not a customary congress center or a meeting hall. With its location in the middle of Istanbul ramparts, utilizability for 365 days according with a glass structure, floor heating system, Reji is an unusual event venue. Especially, foreign guests are impressed a lot.”

Kalyon Tourism Group General Coordinator- Elif  Balcı Fisunoğlu said that; Kalyon Tourism Group both was the venue host and the PCO of the congress and it is a first time for Reji Events Center Istanbul hosting an international association event as a congress venue. It is also important for the destination for creating awareness and uniqueness by hosting the congresses at unusual historic venues rather than the hotel rooms or congress halls.

20th EADPH Congress CSR Project Çöp(m)adam- Garbage Ladies

Fisunoğlu said that as Kalyon Tourism DMC, we give importance to elements that add value to the meetings, congresses and events we organize. The CSR Projects for the congresses is not very broad yet in the region but we are well aware of the importance of CSR and sustainability as the group and we aim to create awareness and be a pioneer in our region. During the 20th EADPH Congress we cooperated with Çöpmadam – Garbage Ladies.