Grand Organization in Istanbul!

One of world’s 3 biggest liver diseases associations, Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL)’s yearly world congress is held at Istanbul Congress Center on March 12-15, 2015.

The congress is described as “Liver Diseases Olympics” and around 4000 scientists from Turkey and all around the world are attending. This is the biggest scientific international event in Turkey within the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. Around 170 valuable scientist speakers and moderators are attending the event from Turkey, Asia, Australia, Europe, US and Africa. Almost 1200 scientific work and new research are presented and the event includes arguments on Hepatitis B and C diseases. The congress also includes important topics such as; “Liver cancer, cirrhosis, liver steatosis, obesity, liver transplant, Hepatitis vaccine and protection methods and effectiveness of medicine.”

Event management of the congress is held with the partnership of Dekon and Serenas and the congress is accepted as one of the most important organizations of the year. Dekon Group Project Coordinator Berk Yuner reviewed the congress and said: “We are hosting a very important congress for our country. Almost 200 expert speakers are discussing the new research and problems in the liver studies field at panels and conferences within the light of scientific data. As Dekon and Serenas, we have the event management of this organization. We have a 90 people team in the field and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees. Istanbul having a rich culture made the interest increase on the congress but since there are wars going on in our region we’ve had a few difficulties during the preparation process. We have a 4000 attendee number now and we’re very happy to manage a contentful event.”

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