MICE Sector’s Professional and Innovative Company: Arkadyas

Arkadyas has been providing services to events and congresses for 32 years. The company is one of the most professional and innovative companies of the sector and we spoke with their Business Development Coordinator Gizem Yücel…

Could you please tell us about yourself?

I studied Computer Science in the Netherlands and then came back to Turkey. I completed my master’s and doctoral degree at Bahçeşehir University. In my professional life, I worked at Google and after that, I worked at some of the leading e-trade companies of Turkey as their marketing manager. I also worked as a consultor at some of the foreign investment companies on their internet investments in Turkey. I gave lessons and conferences in various universities and corporations. In addition, I worked as a consultor and a start-up jury in various corporations and universities. After a while, I wasn’t able to reply this question of the people I respected: “Why are you using this experience in other places when you have the chance of working in your family company?” At that point, I made an emotional decision. However, when I look at Arkadyas professionally, I realize that my decision was very accurate. Arkadyas is a company which is being preferred by leading companies of the sector for 32 years with its patented hardware and software, it has a research department and it is very peaceful for me… How should I say? Some people are born lucky.


Could you please tell us about your company’s structure? How does your business division and operation process work?

Arkadyas has 3 different departments. Software, research and MICE technical support. The founder of the company, Ali Yücel, founded the research department after I joined the team. They develop special software and hardware projects for the MICE sector. Some of these are joint-projects which are carried out with similar companies located abroad. At that department, we have physicists, software developers and Ali Yücel who is originally a mathematician. They are very entertaining. Software and technical support departments are working together. For example, in a congress which uses digiCon, the congress planner company also wants hardware from us. We strengthen the technological aspect of organizations with our hardware and we constantly provide innovations.

What kind of services does your company provide to the MICE sector?

As the first company of the sector and as a leading and innovative informatics company, we have served to thousands of congresses and events for the last 32 years. Our innovations in organizations are always talked about. If I can sum up our services in one sentence, I can say that: “We are a technology company which can provide all necessary software and hardware to all kinds of events.” digiCon is a system which can securely hide all of the registration accommodation information of a congress which begins its preparations a year before the congress itself. The data of the event is only accessible to the planner company. We realized that this feature carried us to a different spot, but it was already very standard for us. Think of a room and think that the only key (data in digiCon) belongs to you. Even though this room is in a house which belongs to us (in the server), we can’t even access this information. In addition, this data is backed-up every day automatically and if it is deleted accidentally or with malicious intentions, it can be recovered. In addition to the terrestrial connection, we also use satellite support. People who have their data with us are always comfortable. Other than creating a registration-accommodation data with digiCon, you can also reach out to all kinds of information/reports with it. Which plane is bringing the attendee, who and which vehicle will pick him up from the airport, who are the sponsor companies, what products arrived to the depot area of the organization, did the attendees receive the promotional products, which attendees dropped by the stand areas and the sponsors and more. It is possible to follow hundreds of answers simultaneously. digiCon is a program which will support the planner company with the right data and %100 support.

See how long it took to talk about only one product? Let me shortly talk about the others. Misterya has a strong demand both in Turkey and in abroad. Our research team constantly adds modules to this platform. Misterya is an interactive mobile application platform which has 45 different functions any kind of event will need. If we create a product, it is because we believe that it is really special. Applying an event website within the application as it is, doesn’t mean a thing for anyone. Applications are innovative and they are a playground. I am talking about an application which transforms phones of the participants into a keypad and doesn’t require any additional setting for that. An application which doesn’t have a microphone traffic, which lets participants ask their questions by writing them and select their questions freely and gives freedom to the speech. Of course, it also has all kinds of standard and outstanding modules within. Most importantly, the applications created with Misterya lets you change any content at any time. From the change of your speakers, to the change of the menus… Any kind of content can be changed within minutes.


We also have a hard-working registration desk robot İKOS, R.F.I.D. infrastructure door technology SmartGate which also has a very strong demand from abroad and has a detection area extension and we provide %100 right read-out guarantee with one antenna and we have digiAbstract which is an abstract management system. In addition, we provide Google-compliant websites for congresses, events and associations, broadcast and hardware support services.


How do you see the development of Turkey MICE sector? What should be done for more?

MICE sector can become one of the leading sectors of Turkey. I’ve been to many cities of Europe and lived in some of them. Each country has 2 or 3 cities which can be popular. In our country, all of our cities have historical richness. All of them could become destinations for MICE sector. We need to work together in associations and to go abroad with our quality products and services. Our problem as a country is that, we do wonderful things but we don’t have enough people who know foreign languages. In Europe and USA, people don’t think of the details the way we do. Our country shapes us like that. We should see this as an opportunity.

Could you please tell us about your company’s projects?

I am always proud of the Turkish brands that became international. We have the goal of making sure that Arkadyas is at a place it deserves. Other than that, if you’re asking about the research department, I’m sure that if I now go and ask them what is going on, they will start talking about the new things they’ve been working on. We have some new projects we’re managing with our friends abroad. We will proudly present them to the MICE sector soon.