One Voice for Women

Righteous Women Platform and Hürriyet organized a “One Voice for Women” gathering on May 22nd at Istanbul Congress Center. 4 different political parties’ women deputies and candidates talked about the inequality of women and men and all kinds of discriminations towards women in Turkey and how to solve it with women solidarity.

The meeting had the goal to create a change on parties’ politics on women’s rights and to develop them. Meeting aimed to create a solidarity and the opening speech was given by Hürriyet Board President and founder member of Righteous Women Platform Vuslat Doğan Sabancı. Sabancı said “We are very lucky this year because there will be more women deputies. Our women candidates are in a very good competition. We know politics, it is sometimes more cruel than the business world. But we can meet at a common share. We want that from our women deputies. We hope them to have voices there and feel that they’re not alone. We know that our voice will become stronger all together. Thank you all for coming, giving your heart and mind and being here. Welcome.”We received information on organization’s preparation process from Righteous Women Platform Managing Board Member and Hürriyet Board President Advisor Emel Armutçu. She said that they briefed organization’s management company CPM that they wanted an interesting, simple, effective, dynamic, attractive and a live-like event.

CPM Event Designer Doğuş Bitecik said that they gave 4 people from their team to this organization and said “This event was broadcasted live via internet and became very different than all of the other events we’ve organized. Because of the live broadcast 6000 people watched this event and this is a very important number.”

Istanbul Congress Center’s Event Coordinator Nihan Aydınba said that they served the event with a 50 people team and they’ve prepared by doing organized meetings with both Hürriyet and CPM before the event.