Stories and Marketing: The Web Istanbul Conference

The Web İstanbul Conference was held at Esma Sultan Mansion on June 4th with the main theme of “Story of Storytelling” and gathered digital marketing and science of marketing.

Istanbul Bilgi University Academician, Journalist and Writer Dr.Fatoş Karahasan gave a presentation during the event and the main sponsor of the event was Avea. The conference focused on the importance of stories within the communication of brands with buyers. Türk Telekom Group Individual Marketing Vice General Manager Dehşan Ertürk, Avea Digital Commitment Manager Cenk Çelebioğlu, Apple’s “Think Different” campaign shaper Brand Strategist Peter Economides, Unilever Turkey Vice President Şükrü Dinçer, Experience Design Director Daniel Harvey Sapientrnitro, İstanbul Bilgi University Academician and Writer Celil Oker were at the conference with rich speeches.
The Web İstanbul Conference’s organizer company İltek Media’s Müge Ateş reviewed the event’s preparation process:

“This is our 4th The Web Istanbul event. Each year, we start meeting on the conference from 6-8 months before. We personally go to the brands and people we would like to invite and brainstorm with them on our theme that year. After these meetings, theme of the conference is selected. We gather all local and global brands which apply these products and ideas at the platform of The Web Istanbul.”

The biggest difference of this event is we organize the content with the speakers by doing meetings with them. We do rehearsals before the event and we give extra effort for this exhibition to be perfect. Our speakers always say that they haven’t seen another conference which is prepared which this much effort. They tell us that they congratulate us for this work and we feel very happy afterwards.

Another thing which makes our conference different is that we do perfect time management. Our conference begins at 9:00 am sharp and ends at the time it must end. Each speaker has 18 minutes and they complete it fully. Also, we support our speakers on presentations techniques and presentation design trends.”