Istanbul Marriott Hotel Şişli Hosts Benefitstanbul

Benefistanbul team formed by German brothers, Ingo and Detlev Niemeyer, traveled all the way from Germany to Turkey on bicycles in order to create awareness on Parkinson disease in Europe. Istanbul Marriott Hotel Şişli became accomodation sponsor of the team in Turkey.

Ingo and Detlev brothers, departed from Germany on 1st of May and arrived in Istanbul on 4th of July, donated for each 1 kilometer for Parkinson patients. Benefistanbul team who covered 4,000 kilometers on bicycles expressed their sincere thanks to Istanbul Marriott Hotel Şişli for their support by providing them accomodation sponsorship.

Istanbul Marriott Hotel Şişli, placing importance on civil society initiatives, have supported a lot of foundations and goodwill ambassadors including Alzheimer Association.