About Us


One of the most important dynamics of communication age; “Meeting, Incentive, Congress, Events” the MICE sector… Today, MICE is increasing its functionality as one of the most effective tools of brands for communicating with the target mass. The sector is growing in a very fast way both in Turkey and in the world. The event exportation in the previous years is one of the most important indicator of this growth.

Brands reserve more budget for their events each year. It is obvious that agencies and companies which serve in this sector are aiming to follow the technology and use the trends that world MICE leaders set. MICE sector representatives have their biggest challenge with not being able to describe their services and successes to the brands and not being able to PR the projects they have accomplished. That’s why eventturkiye.com is aiming to become a window which will be a follower of the changes and developments in the sector and become the sound of those who serve the sector. eventturkiye.com is prepared by an exclusive and experienced team who are aiming to set up sector’s goals higher and to make the agencies describe themselves in the best way they can. Behind this site, we have the experience of Tourism Media Group which has the privilege of being one and only in the MICE sector.


Tourism Media Group started its journey in 2007 with the aim of becoming the meeting and reference point of congress and meeting tourism sector. For the last 11 years, Tourism Media Group has been publishing eventturkiye.com web portal and M.I.C.E. Magazine. The first ACE of M.I.C.E. Congress, Meeting and Event Award Ceremony was organized at Haliç Congress Center for the first time in February 2012 and created a sector perspective for the first time. The ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition was organized for the first time on February 27th 2014 at İstanbul Congress Center. Tourism Media Group continues its services as the largest MICE publisher in Turkey.

TMG will bring together the global MICE industry with the micemap.com web portal, which will be The Group’s 2018 project. With the digital platform to expand and change the perspective of MICE professionals around the world, everything about the MICE industry will be in your hands.